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Godsnatched wine brand

Ten Mushonga is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Wine brand owner. Ten needed a brand refresh and wasn't sure how to combine all her brands into one.
She wanted to be able to showcase her personality while keeping things professional. 
Community, Empowerment, and Advocacy are things she holds dear.

Brand Goal

  • Create a Cohesive Brand
  • Combine all project into one site without confusion
  • Create a plan for New Book launch
  • Design new book cover + publish

brand colors

book cover design

Ten had an idea to have her book name to look like something from a dictionary.
She wanted a simple yet powerful cover and didn't want it to look like a DIY project

Book Cover + Promo Design

book publishing +
prelaunch event

To ensure Ten's book was a success, I connected her with a printing company and helped plan a pre-launch strategy to ensure that we generated interest in the book.
Ten had previous experience with event planning and was able to leverage that to host an event to generate conversations around her book launch.

website design


guide the site visitors

promote the book

I call you "bite-sized" and I don't even know where to start

"It was supposed to be a quick website design, turned into a full much-needed  brand revamp. So this was what God had in store the whole time?
Caris is the ying to my yang, and I never questioned God when He told me my vision was safe with her. Caris thank you for never biting your tongue with me, thank you for imparting knowledge and wisdom and thank you for freely using the word NO even when I wanted things my way. "

-Ten Mushonga