I’ve recently been obsessed with the idea of “Purpose” the idea that EVERYTHING created has a Purpose behind it. Even the tiniest can things have Purpose attached to them. 

Yet, a lot of people create things with no purpose or intention behind them. We have people creating because they saw others creating something similar.

We are slowly losing our originality because we are chasing the next best thing, some are impatient and jumping from one idea to the other without giving any of them their best shot.

There is nothing wrong with owning multiple businesses, but you can’t expect 10 businesses to all work when you didn’t work on 1 long enough for it to take off.

After praying for some clarity on God’s plan for my community this summer, “Purpose” seemed to be the keyword, and eventually “Creating with Purpose” became the theme. When you create with purpose, you start to attract the people you were called to serve with that purpose.

EVERYTHING you do as a business owner should serve some kind of purpose and once you start putting stuff out there with no real purpose, or because that is what you see your competitors doing, you are no longer aligned.

This #summer I’m excited about the idea of going back to the foundation. Oftentimes we get caught up with the way other people are doing things, or chasing the next best thing that we lose focus and forget the real reason we started on our current path.

The goal this summer is to get realigned with our #Foundation and #Create with Purpose moving forward. Excited about taking on the video series with my #community.

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