Shopify is breaking up with MailChimp

here are 5 alternatives

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As some of you may know, MailChimp and Shopify are parting ways this means you have until MAY 12 to find an alternative and switch. 

Why are they breaking Up?

Although there seem to be some other undisclosed reasons as to why this breakup is happening the only one that we are all aware of is that Shopify wants all your customer information to be saved in one place. What this means is that if people sign up to your email list or purchase a product from you, all that information should “belong to YOU & Shopify”. MailChimp thinks it should “belong to YOU and stay with them” and both of them can’t seem to agree on that. They both say they are trying to do what’s best for customer privacy but can’t seem to find a middle ground.

Well, what does this mean to you? If you decide that you want to Keep MailChimp, you are going to have to integrate with 3rd parties to get both platforms to communicate with each other. As we all know, we as business owners already have a lot going on. This is going to be adding more to your plate.  So we reached out to some companies who after much research we have found to be appropriate alternatives for MailChimp. We asked them 2 questions in hopes that their answers will help you decide the best option for you.


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Why would SmartrMail be a good replacement for MailChimp?

For merchants looking to get more sales for their stores, switching to SmartrMail is a huge upgrade. We’re solely built to generate more sales for e-commerce users, with powerful features like automated product recommendations, Shopify-specific segmentation options, and built-in flows.

Our pricing is a lot more inline with MailChimp’s compared to other available options, learn moreHERE

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect SmartrMail?

We’ve always worked closely with Shopify when it comes to implementing new features like billing, marketing activities, and new policy changes. We’ve found all their changes are always in the best interests of the merchant.

While there were a handful of factors that lead to the MailChimp and Shopify break up, the one publicized was that MailChimp didn’t want to send subscriber information back to Shopify.

In our opinion, we think this new requirement is fair as merchants use many apps and market across multiple channels. With new GDPR regulations, keeping opt-in information in-sync with Shopify as a hub is a necessity.

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Why would Omnisend be a good replacement for MailChimp?

For those who are used to working in Mailchimp, Omnisend will feel like home. Our drag and drop visual email builder allows you to create beautiful emails in minutes. Omnisend’s builder also includes a few e-commerce-friendly features, like our Product Picker, which allows you to pull products directly from your store and add them to your campaigns. 

Omnisend also takes marketing automation so much further than Mailchimp does. With robust, yet user-friendly automation workflows that can automate several of the channels you’re already using: email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more. 

Omnisend is not truly a replacement for MailChimp, but more of an upgrade. And we’re not the only ones who think so, we’re top rated in the Shopify App Store, with hundreds of happy former-MailChimp customers who have already migrated to Omnisend.  

A feature for feature Omnisend vs. Mailchimp comparison can be found in our blog. 

Also, we have prepared a comprehensive resource hub for all MailChimp migration-related questions – www.omnisend.com/mailchimp-migration.

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Omnisend?

Shopify requires its app partners to share data back through Shopify’s API so that the merchant has access to it. MailChimp refused to do this, locking down their data and not releasing it anywhere but on Mailchimp’s dashboard. Shopify and MailChimp couldn’t come to an agreement on the matter, so they announced their split on March 22, 2019. 

How can we be sure that Shopify’s policy won’t affect Omnisend? Because we have no problem sharing the data back to the merchant through Shopify’s API. We agree that the merchant should have access to the data that helps them back better decisions about their business, and sharing that data to them only makes sense for us.  

We’ve been partners with Shopify for a long time, and we want to keep it that way. We have no plans on discontinuing our collaboration with the e-commerce platform, and we have no issue with their policy. 

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Why would Marsello be a good replacement for MailChimp? 

Marsello offers email campaigns specifically designed for customer retention, engagement, and loyalty. Our pre-built, automated email flows are proven to deliver fast results, and thanks to a beautifully simple app-design, retailers can set up flows like our ’Thank First-time Customers’ flow and ‘Abandoned cart’ flow with just a few clicks. And we don’t just stop at email campaigns. 

With a fully customizable tiered loyalty program, customer segmentation for targeted marketing, and accurate insights, Marsello offers retailers so much more than simple emails.

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Marsello? We actually consolidate the retailer’s database of customers no matter where they collected the customer’s details e.g. from making a purchase, through signing up for emails or through social media. We believe the database belongs to the retailer, not service providers. 

Making the switch is easy too, simply add Marsello from the App Store. Check out Marsello’s features for more info, or book a demo with one of our team to get started on a free 14-day trial.  

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Why would Jilt be a good replacement for MailChimp?

The main difference between Jilt and Mailchimp is our dedication to Shopify. MailChimp doesn’t specialize in anything specific — their platform is made to allow anyone who wants to send emails, for any reason, to do so. And while that’s great for beginners, it means Mailchimp lacks a lot of the features online stores need to grow and succeed.

Jilt, on the other hand, is built specifically for the needs of eCommerce shops. You can send all the automated emails you’re used to — like abandoned cart recovery, thank you emails, win-back campaigns, order receipts, shipping confirmations, and more — but because Jilt pulls in much richer data from Shopify, you can do a lot more with them. Our powerful segmentation engine enables stores to segment their campaigns on a wide range of demographic, behavioral, and order data — more than is available in MailChimp — and our personalization options are much more robust.

Because we’re so tightly integrated with Shopify, we do things that other email marketing providers can’t. For example, you can generate unique coupon codes dynamically for each email, you can drop advanced product recommendations into every email with one click, and you can capture email addresses before checkout.

We have a page about switching from Mailchimp to Jilt that has more information: https://jilt.com/switch-from-mailchimp-for-shopify/

We also published a blog post about what sets us apart: https://jilt.com/blog/mailchimp-shopify-migrate-jilt/

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Jilt?

Jilt has been part of the Shopify ecosystem since 2011 and they have been a great partner for us. We maintain a very positive relationship with them, and in fact, Jilt is a recommended email marketing solution in the Shopify App Store. Our goal is to help eCommerce stores grow their revenue through smart email marketing by making powerful, enterprise-level tools available to shops of all sizes. We’re excited to continue working with Shopify to make that happen



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Why would Privy be a good replacement for MailChimp?

Privy offers Shopify users a great email marketing alternative to MailChimp for those looking to switch for a number of reasons.

1) Our integration with Shopify allows us to send email newsletters and announcements, abandoned cart emails, and order follow up emails to every contact captured via Privy forms AND any opted-in customers captured by Shopify.

2) With Privy’s abandoned cart emails, you’ll reach 5x as many shoppers because anyone who has opted into a Privy form at any time is eligible, not just those shoppers who make it all the way to checkout and enter their email address.

3) Privy’s newsletter segmentation is able to create audiences based on things like the time last seen, order count, current cart value, location, and more instead of relying on static lists. 

4) Privy’s email marketing solution is far more affordable than the competition.

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Privy?

Because Privy already has a two-way sync with Shopify, the privacy changes they have made are already accounted for in our integration. We are able to pass new contacts captured in Privy to Shopify and automatically ingest new Shopify customers into Privy. If they have opted in for marketing communications, those counts become instantly mailable within Privy’s email system.

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How have you been planning for the migration from MailChimp? Did you find a different alternative? If so, share with us in the comments. We tried to find companies built specifically for e-commerce businesses that also won’t break the bank.

Drop a comment and share your decision.

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