Creating With Purpose Recap

Hey Fashionpreneurs! 

I hope summer has been good to you! I know this is the time things whine down and I am hoping that even in your downtime you are enriching yourself in some way shape or form. I wanted to do a brief recap of our June topic “Creating with Purpose” if you did not get to check it all out hopefully this gives you good ideas on the purpose of this.

We discussed 

1. Revisiting Our Why
2. Redefining our Customer Experience
3. Realigning with our End Goal 

Revisiting your Why: Reconnecting with the reason you started your business is usually the best way for you to understand where you are now, how far away you may have strayed from your original purpose, and what needs to be improved at this very moment.

Redefining your customer experience¬†– A lot of business owners have forgotten who they set out to serve some have been carried away by trying to copy their competitors or jumping from one idea, trying the next “sure-fire strategy”. They do all of this and lose their authenticity along the way. They forget who they are and who their customers are and that causes a disconnect. Redefining your customer experience allows you to always put the customer first making sure that everything you put out is consistent and they always have a consistent experience with you.

 Realigning with your End goal РThis the biggest WHY! This is why you are doing everything you are doing today because there is a BIG goal you are trying to achieve. Having big goals and breaking them down into actions helps you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish.

There is a video for each of these that goes deeper into the conversation. Subscribe to our Network HERE, Head over to to the topics, Go to creating with purpose and catch up on all the videos.

I will be announcing our focus for July this afternoon in the app!! What do you think about this recap? what did you get out of it?

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