How to Beat Procrastination

best practices for procratination

Do you find that procrastination is a serious challenge in your life? Let’s face it, it can be tough finding the will to do things we deep down don’t want to do or even think about.

Most times, we are quite aware that waiting too long leads to negative consequences, and even with this knowledge, getting started can still feel impossible. The truth is that no matter how much of a high-functioning procrastinator you are, there are definitely areas of our lives that suffer because of procrastination.

So how can you kick this pesky habit to the curb and start getting things done instead? Glad you asked

Here are some tips and strategies to adopt

  • SCHEDULE EVERYTHING: If you have a huge task or an overflowing to-do list it’s time to make an appointment with yourself in your calendar. Review everything you need to do to complete the task(s) and then schedule a day and time you’re going to work on the task. This is far more effective than just leaving everything up in the air until the right moment seems to present itself.
    Start by giving the task just a minimum start time, for example, you can say, “I’m going to work on this for 30 minutes.” That’s easy enough that you should be able to sit down and get busy. Most of the time, once you get started, you’ll probably spend a lot more than 30 minutes on it. The idea is to re-write the habits that accompany your procrastination. Getting started is the tough part. Make it as easy to get started as conceivably possible.

  • BREAK OVERWHELMING TASKS INTO SMALLER TASKS: If you struggle with procrastination, Larger tasks can be very overwhelming. By dividing the task into manageable parts, it will be a way to trick your brain into tackling the project. Remember, starting is the most difficult part when it comes to procrastination, it is easier to convince yourself to do 10 small things than one big thing. For example, once you’ve done five small things, you know that you’ve completed five things, instead of just starting on the one big thing without deriving any sense of accomplishment. So break that task down into smaller bites.

  • DISCOVER YOUR “BEST TIME”: We all have times of the day when we find ourselves to be most productive. For some people, it’s later in the evening, for others it’s earlier in the morning. Find out your “best time”. Some have times when they are better at concentrating, others when they’re more creative, and other times when we have more energy. What’s the proper time for you to tackle the task? Do you need quiet and privacy? Do you need access to certain people? Plan ahead get what you need and complete it. Make a list of the tools, supplies, and resources that you’ll need to both begin and complete the task set time around “your best time” and get to work.

  • WHERE POSSIBLE OUTSOURCE THE TASKS YOU HATE: We all have our strengths, and there will always come a time when there is a part of the task holding you back. To avoid procrastination from holding you back, ask yourself – Is it possible to get someone else to take care of this part of the task for me? Can I outsource it? We often find that, if someone else takes care of the part you dread, it makes it easier for things to fall into place; which in turn helps you complete the goal and beat procrastination.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you could kick the procrastination habit out the door. Procrastination can often become a thief in our lives, causing anxiety and stealing our time. Start using the tips above to attempt to remove the challenge of procrastination from your life. You’ll be so glad you did!


find an accountability buddy to beat procrastination

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